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I can do fanfictions or just any type of writing. Just give me the details and I'll go for it. 
Anything traditional in any medium (except watercolor and any oil based medium). Color or back and white. Preferably human like beings (still working on animals).
I can do any human like being maybe even animals (I am still practicing on them). Also with any background and whatever you would like. 

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Mr. Hope Estheim :iconlovelyharmony:LovelyHarmony 15 3
Snowy Heartache: 8
"I've had a normal life growing up as humanly possible, but one day my family and I were traveling through the mountains for Christmas break to stay in our grandparents cabin that was now ours. But we never made it..." Levi spoke as if he was already prepared for the speech, as if he had it all written out in his head and was just ready to tell someone, to let his horror go.
"It was night and it was foggy and windy the higher we traveled. The ice on the roads was frightening but my dad had grown up on these kind of roads shoe knew how to handle them. Or at least he thought he did. When we were going around one bend, the wind must had knocked a  tree branch free because it flew into out windshield sideways, luckily.
"He wasn't prepared for that, none of us were. My dad slammed on breaks, but on icy roads that typically leads to disaster. And it did. We skidded off the edge of the cliff and tumbled down a steep hill, knocking over trees and whatever else was in the way. In all the c
:iconlovelyharmony:LovelyHarmony 2 5
Mr. Hope Estheim WIP :iconlovelyharmony:LovelyHarmony 2 0
Hope and Faith are One
The crying, the screaming, the looks of anguish stapled to the citizen's faces, kids and adults alike. The torture swirled around in clouds of sparkling black dust, creating the illusion of a memory fading in and out. Blood was spilled profusely,  staining not only the walls and flooring, but also the hearts of onlookers. Eyes that held daggers were engraved on this poor soul, never to be forgotten. Adrenaline pumped at a rapid pace as the images of fear and worry raced through the veins of the rememberer. The scenes of dead bodies, shiny guns, thick blood, and destruction caused the soul to wake with a perpetuating start. Sweat was beaded together in strings on the temples before cascading down past the ears which held a ringing silence in them. The lungs worked overtime trying to keep pace with the heart and pumping hot, sticky carbon dioxide out. Strands of wet hair clumped on the forehead and neck creating a horrendous feel.
Once the heart calmed down and sound returned to the
:iconlovelyharmony:LovelyHarmony 1 2
Daily Doodle: 006 :iconlovelyharmony:LovelyHarmony 0 0 Daily Doodle: 005 :iconlovelyharmony:LovelyHarmony 1 0 Daily Doodle: 004 :iconlovelyharmony:LovelyHarmony 0 0 Daily Doodle: 003 :iconlovelyharmony:LovelyHarmony 1 0 Daily Doodle: 002 :iconlovelyharmony:LovelyHarmony 1 0 Daily Doodle: 001 :iconlovelyharmony:LovelyHarmony 0 0 Jess Process :iconlovelyharmony:LovelyHarmony 2 0 Jesus :iconlovelyharmony:LovelyHarmony 10 8 Story Scene :iconlovelyharmony:LovelyHarmony 4 0
Snowy Heartache: 7
The session didn't last long. Once the hooker was done, she put on her cloths, held out her hand for the money, and after that she left without another word. Levi leaned forward, resting his head in his hands. Regret, disgust, and self-loathing devoured him. Why do I do this? He questioned himself. Why do I constantly make myself feel like shit, time and time again? With his heart tightened and anger filling him he began to weep, then, it turned I to wailing as he knocked everything off his coffee table. He yelled out as he threw his movie collection on the ground, the CDs scattering. Glancing down at the mess he saw his favorite movie. The movie his mother had voice acted in.
Picking up the bright yellow case, he stared at it. Sorrow filled his heart as he looked at the precious case. Longing for his mother, for his family took over him. Large tears formed and spilled over the lip of his eyes, falling down his cheeks. He cried like he had never cried before, he wailed an
:iconlovelyharmony:LovelyHarmony 1 0
Snowy Heartache: 6
“Who is 'they'? And why are you so worried about them?” the questions that Levi had wanted to ask soon escaped from his lips. He couldn’t hold it in anymore, he had to know something about what caused his classmate to act this way. Vera turned her head to stare him in the eyes, fear grasped her irises and tears started to brim the corners of her eyes.
“I can’t stay. I have to do home. Now.” she stated in a robot manner. She was distant and not paying attention to what Levi had just asked. They only thing that was racing through her head was ‘get home’.  The petrified young woman went to turn around and head for the door but Levi’s thick hand shot out and grabbed her forearm, stopping her I her tracks.
"Vera, stop." Mindlessly, she stood there, staring straight ahead while slightly shaking. No response emitted from her, not even her breathing could be heard by Levi.
"What is going on that makes
:iconlovelyharmony:LovelyHarmony 2 9
Snowy Heartache: 5
Receiving the perfect amount of sleep, Levi gently opened his eyes, allowing the refreshing sunlight fluttering through the small window. He just stared out while working on waking up. After a few moments of laying there, finally adjusting his eyes to the point where they won’t fall closed, a mighty yawn left his body as he stretched all his limbs out, feeling every strand of his muscles pulling.
Instantly recalling the feelings he let escape last night, he pushed them deep inside of himself because he didn’t want to waste a new, beautiful day by being sad. Rolling out the high bed, he fell to his feet, creating a loud thud.
Bacon hit him right in the face as he walked out into the den. He stopped and enjoyed the smell of the beautiful breakfast food. Wondering into the small titled kitchen he spied Vera at the stove, rolling some type of sizzling food in a pan. Two plates sat on the counter beside of her waiting to be filled with yumminess.
“What are you makin
:iconlovelyharmony:LovelyHarmony 2 0


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Gosh these darn bios! x)

Well, anywho!

Hi! I'm Savannah! (: Nice to meet you!

I am an artist that is struggling with creativity and ideas. Artists block, if you will, or you could say that I might have lost my artists magic.

I love to play video games, write, draw, animate, and build web pages! (Animation and web page design is a work in progress).

I will try very hard to create things and post them on here! Please keep faith in me!

My Group! ~> :iconglowercity:

To Do List:
:bulletyellow: My choir at Carolina Opry
:bulletyellow: The 14 All State Choir members
:bulletyellow: Self portrait in monochromatic (maybe a series with different people?)
:bulletyellow: Zodiac Sign collection
:bulletyellow: Fan art! :D
Hi hello! :wave:

I have published an artbook on Wattpad of all my artwork I have done since I've been on dA. So if you want to check it out, here you go!…

Please enjoy!


PS: Not all of my artwork is up to this current time. I am in 2011 at the moment. So I'll get there xD


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I will not draw nudity or sexual themes.

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